Backed by a popular Internet Crypto Currency

Bitcoin Accepted SecurePayment CC allows you to accept payments and donations on your website with our simple buttons and API. Similar to PayPal, but without the hassle.

We are not ready to tell the world which crypto currency has been selected. That's being kept secret for now to prevent a panic buy. What we can tell you is that it's a mature 'coin' with SHA256d POW. It's definitely not Bitcoin, but it's one that's mined on our pools.

We are still writing the Payment Software and designing our website. It could be a while...

In the mean time go mining for some coins.

Platform Under Development.

Developers wanted: We are hiring developers and project managers to help build the next generation of Internet payments. You will be paid in the currency we are developing for, but you will be required to sign a NDA. For information about the opportunity, please send your resume to .